Resources Available

Fiber Resources

Bitterroot Wool Growers

Patterns to share

Knitted String Bag – Make a string bag to take to the market and avoid using plastic bags! Pattern courtesy of Karen G!

Knitted Knockers

Guild Project – Hats for those in need:

Simple Ribbed Toque

Marled Rib Hat

Two by Two Hat

Soft and Cushy Hat

Instructional Videos

How to Felt Soap with Wool

Making Roving from a Batt with a Diz

       How to Spin Cashmere

Sarah Anderson Navajo Plying

       How to Change Colors and Weave in Ends

Links of Interest

Shepherds’ Alpine crossing straddles history, borders – AOL News


Knitters Toolbox is a collection of knitting calculators: buttonhole spacer, gauge widget, shaping spacer, pickup calculator.

 Stashbot works well for estimating yardage for a project.

 Shearer List

Leroy Sikorski

Hamilton, MT


Busy sheep shearer throughout Western MT and adjoining states.  Does both large and small flocks.  Gentle, reasonable rates.  Will shear some camelids and goats.  May be retiring!


Pete Connelly


Livingston, MT

Shears camelids; not sure about sheep or goats.  In spring of 2016 he worked with another adult and youngsters who were good helpers.  Per Molly, “he was reasonably fast, helped with some basic skirting.  We plan to have him again.”


Erick Stedje

Bozeman, MT


Shears sheep; others unknown.  Spouse raises Nigerian Dwarf goats, and was very pleasant.  (Self-referred at Ravalli County Fair 2016.)


John Picher


A ranch hand with Joan who has, “gone to sheep shearing school. Worked with Leroy, and is smart and hard working.”


Correy McAtee


Per Suzanne, a possible shearer, if we coordinate schedules to validate a road trip for her.  She shears in OR, WA, ID, and has visited our Fiber Fest.


Forrest McEwen

406-680-7074 (Note: cell phone reception is best in the morning.)

Available to shear on weekends.  Based in Dillon, so would prefer to have a group of customers to split the mileage fees and make best use of his time.