Library Items

The Guild has a library of books, magazines and videos located at the Beaded Pony in Victor.

Equipment Inventory and Location

You must be a Guild member in order to borrow these items. Please use the Contact Us page to place a request to borrow one of these items.

Once you have received confirmation that the item is available, you will need to fill out a Hold Harmless Agreement.

Equipment may be borrowed for up to a month and may be kept longer if no one else is requesting the item.

We are lucky to have this equipment and want to make it available to members with as little fuss and searching as possible. Some of us are not using the equipment, we are storing it. Do not be shy about asking to use it!


Ashford Spinning Wheel with 2 Lazy Kates and 7 Bobbins, Niddy Noddy (wood), Basket for Bobbins – Marty Walters

Ball Winder – Ruth Plesner

Banner – Margie Lubinski

Black Dress Form – Marty Walters

Bobbin Lace Set – Laura Miklautsch

Charka (vertical) Wheel – Marty Walters

2 Crockpots for Dyeing – Shelley Hunter

Drum Carder #1 – Celia Winkler

Drum Carder #2 w/2 Clamps – Shelley Hunter

Electric Cone Winder – Molly McKinnon

English Combs – Sondra Gibson

Hand Carders (1 set) – Marty Walters

Inkle Loom – Chris Vance

Skein Winder (upright wooden) – Marty Walters

Skein Winder (plastic) – Sondra Gibson

Dundas Navajo Loom & Hand Beater – Suzanne Artley

Table Loom and Stand – Posey Nickens

Warping Board – Shelley Hunter

Wool Picker w/Clamps – Celia Winkler