Calendar of Events

The following events are scheduled for 2022/2023. Stay tuned for any changes as we continue through Covid-19.

February – December 2022: Classes/Workshops available from Judilee Fitzhugh, textile artisan who specializes in natural plant dyes and couture sewing, Oakshadow Studio, Washington State. Check out her website for upcoming classes.

August/September 2022: Fiber Arts Exhibit at the Myrna Loy Gallery, Helena, MT. Fiber Artists interested in entering the exhibition or selling their work, please contact DD Dowden ( for more information.

September 10, 2022: Plaid Llama Sale, 9 am – 3 pm, 638 Blaine St., Missoula, MT. Fabulous prices on yarn, fiber, equipment, books, etc. Sponsored by the Missoula Weaving Guild.

October 5-9, 2022: Trailing of the Sheep Festival, Hailey, ID.

October 15-16, 2022: Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival, Linn County Expo Center, Albany, OR.

June 11-18, 2023: Association of Northwest Weavers Guilds (ANWG) Conference, Bend, OR.

July 27-30, 2023: Intermountain Weavers Conference, Utah State University, Logan, UT. Click here for more information.